The musical Godspell, the tour

The scene starts in a place that could well be a theater warehouse, a dilapidated corrala of neighbors or a church in ruins.

In it we discover our characters, a group of young people apparently members of a neighborhood summoned to make an important decision that will affect the future of their neighbors.

This first scene ends with a figure composed by the whole cast, as a metaphor of the door that takes us to the fiction, where we will go through the hand of each character the transformation that they will live when they take deep contact with the teachings of “a certain Jesus”.

Together they will discover tolerance and respect for those who are different, the need to build and weave community support networks, compassion for any human being, sustainable and shared wealth, the freedom to be and choose, co-responsibility in the construction of a good life for all, the right to make mistakes and start over, to be hurt by the suffering of others, to live complete, to laugh, love, sing, play… to live and even to die.

Shortly before the end we will return to the figure of the beginning, this time to cross the door again and feel that reality and fiction are one.

And in the end, when everything ends, when darkness floods everything, Godspell, perhaps, can be the hope that everything will start again.

Había una vez, mi familia

A theatrical and musical show for the whole family where not only pays tribute to Los Payasos de la Tele ,parents and their uncles, but also pays tribute to the genre of Clown and an era that marked the childhood of a generation of children who grew up in the 70s and 80s.

Grandma Eva is going to celebrate her birthday with her grandchildren, until a weather warning prevents them from coming. She is about to put everything prepared in her attic when, suddenly, a box comes to life and all the memories of her childhood appear: a small carousel, a music box, her toys, a Cinexin, an old television set where she used to watch her favorite programs. Suddenly the TV set turns on and the TV Clowns show appears. To the question “How are you?”, Eva, our grandmother, answers what we all have in our heads. The attic begins to transform until, in a magical space. Tv clowns and his troupe of crazy clowns will accompany Eva on a journey through a world of memories and dreams.

In the show we will go through all the subgenres and techniques characteristic of the world of clowning, such as gestural, textual, parody, circus and technique, and in all its formats, such as the complete classical entrance, musical numbers, textual humor, visual poetics, symbolism or magic. The great creators of the genre will be vindicated in Once Upon a Time: My Family.

Godspell – The Musical

A production by ANTONIO BANDERAS and EMILIO ARAGÓN, Teatro del Soho CaixaBank and Estudio Caribe.

Originally conceived and directed by John-Michael Tebelak.

Music and new lyrics by Stephen Schwartz.

Directed by Emilio Aragón


The scene starts in a place that could as well be a theater warehouse, as a rickety corrala of neighbors. In it we discover our characters, a young theater company, performing a play for the audience. Everything is apparently normal, but both the play and the context in which it takes place will show us that it is not.

Through each of the characters and their respective encounters with Jesus, we will revisit the Gospels of the New Testament, thus initiating a personal journey of no return.

Tolerance and respect for those who are different, the need to build and weave community support networks, compassion for any human being, sustainable and shared wealth, the freedom to be and choose, co-responsibility in the construction of a good life for all, the right to make mistakes and start over, to grieve with the suffering of others, to live whole, laugh, love, sing, play…to live, until we die.

And, at the end of the journey, when we feel that everything is over, that darkness floods everything, Godspell reminds us that there is hope, that everything starts again, that out there, there is a new passion.

Musical numbers

Act One

1. Prologo

2. Preparad el camino

3. Ven a salvarnos

4. Día a día

5. Aprende bien tus lecciones

6. Bendice a Dios

7. Todo a fin de bien

8. Todos los buenos dones

Second act

10. Deshaz tu camino

11. Qué pena por vosotros

12. Junto a mí

13. Te rogamos

14. Una ciudad hermosa

15. En los sauces

16. Final

Miliki Family

Miliki Jr. is a bright and curious baby who is ready to explore the world. Together, with Grandpa Miliki as their guide and adventure companion, they navigate everyday situations that their love of music and dance make even more exciting.

Miliki Jr. and his big sister Susanita recreate children’s favorite nursery rhymes of all time – watch what happens as they sing Johnny Johnny Yes Papa, Twinkle Twinkle.

Miliki´s dream


“Circlassica, El Sueño de Miliki” is the most intimate and personal project of Emilio Aragón.

A precious trip to nostalgia and illusion that will offer us the opportunity to meet again with that child we all carry inside.

A great circus show for all audiences, full of music, light, color and fantasy, with the best international artists and a unique staging.


Miliki is a 7-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a clown. His wish is to make people laugh and compose songs, so he can travel the world singing them in his wonderful circus.

One night he writes his wish in the Book of All Journeys and then falls asleep. The power of his wish is so strong that his world is filled with light, sound and color: acrobats, jugglers, musicians and trapeze artists flood his universe.

But among all of them stand out two characters who are both very silly and half-crazy: Don Pepito and Don José wake up Miliki and invite him to a unique initiation journey.

They will be his teachers in the art of comedy and will guide him so that he can fulfill his dream and get his longed-for clown nose.

But every road has curves and potholes. And it will be Astrakhan, the prince of anti-comedy, who will try to divert little Miliki from the wonderful path traced by his teachers.

Circlassica A story of Emilio Aragón

Circus show created to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the modern circus. This function, full of funambulists, trapeze players and jugglers, including the presence of an orchestra providing live music, transports us to the magical world of Nim, the clown, and Margot, the dancer.


Through music, percussion and sound effects, we will be discovering, in a humorous style, the story of four characters who communicate through music and sounds using more than 150 elements, including toy instruments and objects, which they will use during the performance. It is a show for all ages that uses music as a universal language. With careful and contemporary aesthetics, Aire makes music and rhythm its vital proposal.

A new concept

BOVOJ, herd in Esperanto, are five artists who have been together for three decades. They started from a very young age toying around with music, learning the comedy techniques of the art of their elders and receiving the best of that heritage. Always together, growing and learning like a herd, they now decide to take a step further, towards the search for new territories and new languages through which they evolve. From this evolution Aire is born, a risky and brave set-up.