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Emilio Aragón directs and presents this musical entertainment show that pays tribute to Raphael, through the songs that make up the soundtrack of his life. He will be interviewed by Emilio reviewing his 60 years of career, which he celebrates this year, and giving way to his favorite songs, masterfully interpreted by guest artists such as Miss Caffeina, Natalia Lacunza, Ede and Josemi Carmona, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Mikel Erentxun, Soléa and Farru. Each program will represent the universe of the honoree, with a scenography according to his personality, with choreographies, visual effects and a fixed band, which will accompany the musical interpretations.

GENRE: Music and entertainment TV format
NUMBER OF PROGRAMS: 8 installments
PRODUCER: Estudio Caribe


Original idea
Emilio Aragón

Caribe Studio

Emilio Aragón


E01 – Los Javis

Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi will review with Emilio Aragón their most special musical moments. In the soundtrack of their lives there are countless pop references, which illustrate very well the particular world of the two creators.

E02 – Raphael

Raphael will review with Emilio Aragón his most special musical moments. In the soundtrack of his life there are countless references, which will be interpreted in many different ways by artist friends.

E03 – Joaquín

Emilio Aragón will receive on the set of B.S.O. the soccer player Joaquín, who will open his heart, review the best moments of his sporting career and talk about those songs that have marked him for life.

E04 – Belén Rueda

Emilio Aragón pays tribute to actress Belén Rueda, through the songs that make up the soundtrack of her life. Belén Rueda will review her career, but she will also show her more personal side.

E05 – Antonio Banderas

Emilio Aragón welcomes the great international star, Antonio Banderas. The actor and director will review his personal and professional career through the songs of his life.

E06 – Alaska

Emilio Aragón receives a unique woman, Alaska, with whom he has many things in common. They arrived in Spain at the same time, in 1973, and they are both sons of Cuban and Spanish parents. Alaska has been able to adapt to each era without losing her personality.

E07 – Dani Rovira

Dani Rovira’s favorite movie is “Big Fish” and it has marked him in all aspects of his life. The BSO set thus becomes a “Big Fish”. Emilio will talk with him about his career, his beginnings, his success, his illness and his philosophy of life.

E08 – Lolita

The program will be structured like the verses of Serrat’s Mediterráneo, Lolita’s favorite song. They will deal with her childhood and what it is like to belong to a family saga of artists.