In 2019 Battle of the Giants returns to become the biggest benefit concert of the year and does so in the name of a huge challenge at a time of climate crisis: WATER

Water is our first nourishment

The idea is simple: our body (70% percent water) could not absorb the nutrients needed to have a healthy life without safe water.

Without water it is also not possible to grow food, or keep the livestock that feed the planet.

But we’re losing water.

In 2030, 700 million people will have had to abandone their homes due to the drought.

2100 million people, mainly women, fight a battle of giants to get water. They walk kilometers to reach a well. Girls leave school for it.

Not only is it far: there is less and less. In Africa, in Asia, in Latin America… the drought is drying the soils and aquifers. And scratching the little water there is already is one of the main battles of giants in the world.

We need giants to help great women and men who fight a battle every day to get the water with which to overcome hunger.

Battle of the Giants 2019 Concert: Wednesday, December 18, WiZink Center


  • Alba Molina, Emilio Aragón y Josemi Carmona
  • Andrés Suárez
  • Anni B. Sweet
  • Elefantes
  • Guitarricadelafuente
  • Izal
  • Kiko Veneno
  • La bien querida
  • Los Secretos
  • Macaco
  • Mala Rodríguez
  • McEnroe
  • Miguel Ríos
  • Miss Caffeina
  • Silvia Pérez Cruz
  • Viva Suecia