The scene starts in a place that could well be a theater warehouse, a dilapidated corrala of neighbors or a church in ruins.

In it we discover our characters, a group of young people apparently members of a neighborhood summoned to make an important decision that will affect the future of their neighbors.

This first scene ends with a figure composed by the whole cast, as a metaphor of the door that takes us to the fiction, where we will go through the hand of each character the transformation that they will live when they take deep contact with the teachings of “a certain Jesus”.

Together they will discover tolerance and respect for those who are different, the need to build and weave community support networks, compassion for any human being, sustainable and shared wealth, the freedom to be and choose, co-responsibility in the construction of a good life for all, the right to make mistakes and start over, to be hurt by the suffering of others, to live complete, to laugh, love, sing, play… to live and even to die.

Shortly before the end we will return to the figure of the beginning, this time to cross the door again and feel that reality and fiction are one.

And in the end, when everything ends, when darkness floods everything, Godspell, perhaps, can be the hope that everything will start again.

Creative and artistic team

Originally conceived and directed by
John-Michael Tebelak

Original music and new lyrics
Stephen Schwartz

Director, musical director and producer
Emilio Aragón ( Caribe Studio )

Estudio caribe

Estudio Caribe Team

Director and executive producer
Itziar Puga

Technical Director
Carlos Carmona

First Production Assistant
Jose Luis Martínez-Soto

Inés Calleja

Elena Martín Aguilera

Systems Director
Francisco Algarín

Theater Advisor
Toni Albaladejo

Musical Numbers

First act

1. Prologo

2. Preparad el camino

3. Ven a salvarnos

4. Día a día

5. Aprende bien tus lecciones

6. Bendice a Dios

7. Todo a fin de bien

8. Todos los buenos dones

Second act

10. Deshaz tu camino

11. Qué pena por vosotros

12. Junto a mí

13. Te rogamos

14. Una ciudad hermosa

15. En los sauces

16. Final