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“Circlassica, El Sueño de Miliki” is the most intimate and personal project of Emilio Aragón.

A precious trip to nostalgia and illusion that will offer us the opportunity to meet again with that child we all carry inside.

A great circus show for all audiences, full of music, light, color and fantasy, with the best international artists and a unique staging.


Miliki is a 7-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a clown. His wish is to make people laugh and compose songs, so he can travel the world singing them in his wonderful circus.

One night he writes his wish in the Book of All Journeys and then falls asleep. The power of his wish is so strong that his world is filled with light, sound and color: acrobats, jugglers, musicians and trapeze artists flood his universe.

But among all of them stand out two characters who are both very silly and half-crazy: Don Pepito and Don José wake up Miliki and invite him to a unique initiation journey.

They will be his teachers in the art of comedy and will guide him so that he can fulfill his dream and get his longed-for clown nose.

But every road has curves and potholes. And it will be Astrakhan, the prince of anti-comedy, who will try to divert little Miliki from the wonderful path traced by his teachers.

  • GENDER: Musical Circus
  • LANGUAGE: Spanish


Artistic and musical director
Emilio Aragón