Paper Birds tells the story of a group of vaudeville artists after war has taken away all but their hunger: musician Jorge del Pino, ventriloquist Enrique Corgo, cupletist Rocío Moliner, and Miguel, the orphan.


“I don’t know exactly when the idea of Paper Birds as a film was born. However, I can find moments of the story that is told within it, in many of the anecdotes and adventures that, throughout my life, I have heard at home, during the after-dinner moments, in celebrations, and also in everyday life.
Once again, I feel that the project chooses me and not the other way around. The atmosphere, the aroma, the backstage adventures of a varieté company are part of my personal imagination, and perhaps bringing them out and sharing them answer a vital need. Telling this story has allowed me to travel through places and emotions where I thought I had been before, this time with the imagination of a child, and the heart of a man.
Paper Birds aspires to be a journey towards the best of ourselves, a courageous bet on the love of life, looking at our own pain face on.”

  • GENRE: Comedy, Drama
  • DURATION: 110 min.
  • LANGUAGE: Spanish
  • PRODUCTION COMPANY: Globomedia Cine, Antena 3 Films and Versátil Cinema


Emilio Aragón

Executive Production
Emilio Aragón and Santiago de la Rica

Fernando Castets
Emilio Aragón

Emilio Aragón

Director of Photography
David Omedes

Pepe Salcedo

Imanol Arias, Lluis Homar, Carmen Machi and Roger Princep


Montreal World Film Festival (Audience Award), Seattle International Film Festival (Au-dience Award), Best Woodstock Film Festival, Best European Film at the Viareggio EuropaCinema, Best Film and Best Actress (Carmen Machi) at the Tokyo Latin Beat, Film Forum Zadar (Audience Award), “Ciudad de Tudela” Award for Best Film and “Juventud de Tudela” Award for Best Film at the Tudela Opera Prima Film Festival, Best Film and Best Actor (Miguel Ángel Egido) at the Primavera Cinematográfica de Lorca, Best Film at the “Micrófonos de Oro” Awards, Goya Award Nominations for Best New Director and for Best Original Song (2010)