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A theatrical and musical show for the whole family where not only pays tribute to Los Payasos de la Tele ,parents and their uncles, but also pays tribute to the genre of Clown and an era that marked the childhood of a generation of children who grew up in the 70s and 80s.

Grandma Eva is going to celebrate her birthday with her grandchildren, until a weather warning prevents them from coming. She is about to put everything prepared in her attic when, suddenly, a box comes to life and all the memories of her childhood appear: a small carousel, a music box, her toys, a Cinexin, an old television set where she used to watch her favorite programs. Suddenly the TV set turns on and the TV Clowns show appears. To the question “How are you?”, Eva, our grandmother, answers what we all have in our heads. The attic begins to transform until, in a magical space. Tv clowns and his troupe of crazy clowns will accompany Eva on a journey through a world of memories and dreams.

In the show we will go through all the subgenres and techniques characteristic of the world of clowning, such as gestural, textual, parody, circus and technique, and in all its formats, such as the complete classical entrance, musical numbers, textual humor, visual poetics, symbolism or magic. The great creators of the genre will be vindicated in Once Upon a Time: My Family.

01. Prólogo
02. La sala de la fiesta
03. ¡Que comience la celebración!
Bienvenidos a los 70
04. El cuento de mi vida
05. El Cabaret Tropicana
06. El éxito en América
07. El salto a la gran pantalla
08. Historia de Fofito y los Payasos de la tele
09. Sin merienda no hay fiesta
10. La tarta
11. Primer regalo
12. Segundo regalo
13. Pide un deseo
14. ¡Abuela, estamos aquí!

Producer Estudio Caribe

Director, Book
Esteve Ferrer

Music Director
Emilio Aragón

Aragón Family

Original Music
Juan Carlos Cuello

Sound Design
Juan Antonio Sánchez

Lighting Design
Juanjo Llorens

Scenic Design
Mercè Lucchetti

Costume Design
Rosa Solé

Producer Estudio Caribe

Executive Producer
Emilio Aragón
Itziar Puga

Technical Direction
Carlos Carmona

First Production Assistants
Erika Navarro and Jose Luis Martínez

Production Assistant and choreography support
Aaron Cobos

Inés Calleja